Qualifier Placements

Qualifier Placements for Contractor State Licensing

Qualifiers are individuals in the construction industry that have the proven experience and test results to license a company through the state contractors board.

In most states a company cannot operate without a contractor license. To obtain a contractor’s license, the company must employee one individual to serve as a qualifying agent for their company.

This person has the knowledge, years of experience (ranges from 4- 8 years, depending on the state) and skill (proven through a series of exams) to represent the company on its behalf with the contractor’s board.

  • A qualifier can be an owner, officer of the company, employee, or other qualified individual.
  • If the owner, officers, or employees of the business do not possess the experience needed to obtain a contractor license, qualifier placement can assist a company by bringing together an individual and company that allows the company to obtain a license so they can operate legally.
  • Qualifier placement serves two purposes: the company can obtain a license faster so they can begin conducting business in the state. Secondly, qualifier placement provides a way for the owner, officers, or employees of the company to gain experience so they may one day sit for the exam and qualify the company themselves.

Is Qualifier Placement right for you?

Qualifier or License Placements

NCL offers placement services for qualified licensed contractors for companies throughout US. Placement services allows companies to be able to bid and perform services for companies that do not currently hold licenses in that state. It can be a temporary placement or long term.

Placement Examples:

  • Placement for companies wanting to bid and perform services in states they currently do not hold licenses.
  • Placement due to resignation of current license holder
  • Placement of license holder until company representative can obtain their own licenses
  • Placement of license holder due to death

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