Contractor State License

Contractor State License Board Application Assistance

Let Nationwide Contractor Licensing help you obtain or renew your state contractor license

Obtain or Renew your Contractor State License. NCL has successfully obtained licensure in most states throughout the country. Every state has its own set of qualifications concerning experience and education that applicants must meet in order to obtain a license. Some states require an exam while others may offer a license through Reciprocity. NCL has experience handling the licensing process. Whether you need a license by way of exam or Reciprocity application, NCL will get the job done!

What is Reciprocity? 

Obtaining a license through reciprocity allows an applicant licensed in one state to qualify for a license in another state without having to take the state trade exam. When applying for reciprocity certain conditions must be met and many states will not waive the business and law exam. Reciprocity is not available in all states. Check out our section on Reciprocity Agreements.

Contractor State License