Residential Contractors

State Licensing for Residential Contractors

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Residential contractors are often regulated differently than Commercial Contractors. The requirements are usually less stringent. However, most states still have exams and financial requirements that must be met.

Home Improvement Contractors

Contractor Registration and Home Improvement Contractors

Many states regulate Home Improvement Contractors or have Contractor Registrations. Some states require an exam and experience requirements while others just require registration and a bond.

Busy House Painter Painting the Trim And Shutters of A Home.

Some states regulate through a separate Residential Board.

Home Improvement Commissions or State Contractors Boards regulating Residential Builders and Remodelers include:

  • Maryland Home Improvement Commission
  • Mississippi Remodeling License
  • Rhode Island Home Improvement Contractor
  • Connecticut Home Improvement
  • Tennessee Home Improvement Contractor
  • Louisiana Residential License
  • South Carolina Residential Commission
  • Pennsylvania Home Improvement
  • New Jersey Home Improvement
  • Massachusetts Home Improvement and Restricted License
  • Michigan Residential Remodeler
  • Minnesota Residential Remodeler