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Experience Counts

NCL specializes in License Application Processing and Business Services for the Construction and Electrical Industry throughout the country. Our firm has successfully processed applications in every state in the country, as well as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. We handle construction, electrical, mechanical, low voltage, and alarm license applications wherever they are regulated at the state and local level. Our firm is headed by Angela Ramsay, who started the company in 2008. Today, our firm is a pioneer in the nationwide licensing industry, currently processing over 2500 applications a year. We have expanded to include a Nationwide Licensing Renewal Department and Nationwide Business Registration Department that handles annual reports, registered agent services and corporation formations.

Angela Ramsay 

Angela Ramsay heads our office, located in the Tampa area where she focuses on nationwide contractor licensing. All Contractor Licensing applications for the Electrical, Alarm, and Construction Industry are managed and supervised by Angela.  Since 2008, Angela has successfully processed applications in every state in the country, as well as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Hawaii. By trade, Angela comes from a long line of alarm contractors and started in the industry in 1993. She is a Florida certified alarm contractor and continuing education instructor. For over 12 years Angela has learned every aspect of the licensing industry and utilizes that knowledge to obtain licensing in the most efficient way in any state her clients need to work. Angela’s experienced staff of seven include a licensing maintenance division, exam scheduling and sales division.

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Cynthia DiMarco

Cynthia DiMarco heads our license renewal department. She manages the renewal process from start-to-finish, including tracking, processing applications and correspondence with each board. Cynthia handles construction, electrical, alarm and low voltage, mechanical license renewals nationwide. Cynthia is solely responsible for client file management, board follow-up and customer relations with all contractor license renewals. Cynthia has renewed licenses for all industries in every state. Cynthia’s knowledge of license renewal timelines, renewal requirements and continuing education requirements is unmatched in the industry. Part of the contractor license process is the timely renewal of your contractor license. At NCL, we care about you and the investment made to obtain your license so we want to make sure you keep this license. Our company spearheaded a project this year investing in an extensive renewal software system that allows the client to login and view their licenses and renewal timelines. For a fee, NCL renews your contractor license.



Betty Eskra

Betty Eskra is a Senior sales executive with over 25 years of experience in management and sales. She has a proven track record of initiating and securing new business relationships. Consistently outperforms expectations by exceeding sales quotas and driving revenues. Skilled in developing and executing comprehensive sales business plans that result in strong sales while prioritizing interests of our customers. Betty has excellent interpersonal and presentation skills with added ability to cultivate relationships with customers, team members and corporate partners to achieve maximum results.

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Mackenzie Rathburn

Mackenzie Rathburn handles all exam scheduling and application follow-up. Mackenzie is solely responsible for client file management, board follow-up and customer relations.

Exam Scheduling 
In addition, Mackenzie Rathburn manages our exam unit. Once clients are approved to test, Mackenzie orders schedules exams, orders materials when needed, and provides the client with one-on-one attention to assist in understanding the exam process and exam content. Often clients complain they waited on hold for hours trying to get in touch with PSI to schedule their exam. Mackenzie takes that frustration away.  She consults with each client, explains the exam process and provides detailed information on exam content and test taking procedures. Mackenzie lets each client know whether they can test out of state, from their home computer or if they have to travel.

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